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 All is energy. We can change the fundamental nature of things by changing their rate of vibration. It is best done at the  fundamental level, i.e. in the state of pure Consciousness at the center of our Being. This is how healing is done, how records are broken, how great compositions are written, how we become as gods. That’s what gods do. And this power lies latent within all of us. All is energy and all energy has a specific rate of vibrations. None can be created, none can be destroyed. All can be transformed.

There is a natural progression. Some things we can change at an illusory level of the phenomenal reality.
At emotional reality, we can go deeper. There we can stop hating, stop being lazy, stop complaining, start being grateful. These are all stimulated by emotions which use imagination to recognize a better reality.
Finally, once your body and emotions are mobilized, you can enter the realm of the mind. There you can consolidate all of the above, and actually, use higher rates of vibrations to restore balance which is the essence of the highest realms of Consciousness. The energy of the mind is the executive arm of the Creative Force.

And now we come to the Event Horizon ever present in the centre of our Being. In this reality, we AWAKEN to the awareness that NOTHING is impossible. This is the state of consciousness which the prophets assigned to gods. It is the state of Being, hovering on the brink of Becoming. It is a reality known as the Straight and Narrow.
It’s perfectly alright to kill and be killed if this is the evolutionary level you’ve reached. Dog eat dog is a necessary step assuring your physical survival. It is also the barrier which negates any aspirations you might have to immortality.
Imagine, what traits of character, what qualities or talents you’d want to keep forever. Or a million years from now. A billion years? Which of your personal attributes would enrich the Whole Universe? The Whole Reality? Only those traits are immortal.

EVENT HORIZON is the Straight and Narrow sphere, where the centripetal and centrifugal forces are in perfect balance. 

In the AVATAR SYNDROME and HEADLESS WORLD, Anne Howell and her friends push the envelope of evolution to utter limits. In Book Three of the Trilogy, I explore different rates of vibrations extant in the Creative Potential within us. I will take you to the brink of the greatest evolutionary leap in human history.

AWAKENING offers the next gigantic step in the development of Human Potential.

Book III of the Anne Howell Trilogy
C O M I N G   S O O N
C O M I N G   S O O N

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