Thursday, 29 May 2014

True Freedom

The Question of Equality

We’ve been through all this before. In spite of abounding evidence to the contrary, many people still think that we are all born equal. Nothing can be further from the truth. What is true is that we are all born equipped to overcome our particular and completely particular shortcomings. But this applies only to individuals. Let us remember ‘individual’, in Latin, mean ‘indivisible’. The moment we lose our connection with the Intangible Infinite Potential—some call it God—we can no longer draw on our birthright. We become the rulers or the ruled. The rulers judge others to be inferior to them. Not just in potential, but, well, altogether.

And this is true the world over.
There is only one way to free oneself from being subjugated to the will of dictatorial plutocrats of whatever hue or persuasion. And those masters of manipulation exist with equal abundance in the so-called western “democracies” as they did in eastern “communism” or other dictatorial or semi-dictatorial systems of government. Those who diminish the freedom of any individual who is trying to find his or her true place in the phenomenal reality are guilty of the most vile act that can be committed against the true nature of man. Whether they are the tsars of old Russia, the Roman Emperors, or the modern day presidents, prime-ministers, or their henchmen the senators or members of various parliaments, if they indulge in diminishing the freedom of growth they are guilty of treason against the nature of man.
Against humanity.
The plutocrats of all nations abuse their power in meting out unwarranted justice to maintain their position of power.
We were given a hint it the distant past. “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Yet this is exactly what is happening, right NOW, in a most countries around the world. Given time, ALL men and women who diminish freedom of their subjects will pay the same price.
On a cheerful note, we are all given a chance to stop—to stop in time. Unfortunately, as we all know—power corrupts. The plutocrats think themselves invincible until they use up their credit. Only then it is already too late. Then Universal justice takes over from Universal benevolence. It seems that, rightly or wrongly, the consequences of Wikileaks have only just began.

Nevertheless, not only men are subject to development known as the evolutionary process. And the sooner we realize it, the sooner we shall extend our generosity to other species. Yes, they too are growing. Many of them are already more advanced than we were some millions of years ago. Let us hope that, in time, they will rise mature to a higher level then we did so far. 

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Friday, 23 May 2014

An evolutionary Trait.

To quote Wikipedia, in mammalian oral anatomy, the canine teeth, also called fangs… those relatively long pointed teeth… are developed and are used primarily for firmly holding food in order to tear it apart…”
To cut the story short, they are necessary for the survival of the carnivores, better known as “meat-eater”. We human, by being omnivores are unavoidably also carnivores, but… lo and behold, unless we have warewolfish  or draculian blood cursing in our veins, we do NOT have fangs, those long pointed teeth. There is a reason for that, and Linus Pauling, the twice Nobel Prize winner, found what it was.
For millions of years, man was happy, as were his devoted wives and children, to keep themselves alive by masticating fruit, seeds, and whatever he or she could extract as free gift from the soil, which did not require teeth other than (8) incisors and (12) molars. For millions of years we have cut our food with those sharp frontal teeth, then ground them with the molars to initiate the digestive process that kept us alive, yes, for millions of years. 
We had no need for fangs. There are herbivores and carnivores populating this ball of dust, and we, mammalians, evolved on the herbal side. Perhaps we had no desire to tear fresh meat apart from the bone.
And then man got greedy.
We wanted to get fat, then obese to impress our neighbour. We wanted to show off our rotund stomach to show, publicly, how well-off we were. Until that moment in history, we put our teeth to good use. In addition to chewing on whatever could be handled by our fangless dentures, we used them for love bites, sucking on (primitive) lollipops, or just using them to display wide, probably brown, smiles.
As a side issue, by replacing micronutrients, which are only found in abundance in vegetables and fruit, with fats from meat products, we lost the only food that is imperative for developing and sustaining our immune system. Hence, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism and other autoimmune diseases slowly but truly came into their own. And our immunological system, which nature developed for us over millions of years, fell into disrepute.
And the funniest thing of all is that we only have our voracious, insatiable, unquenchable, unappeasable, prodigious, uncontrollable, compulsive, gluttonous, rapacious greed for food to blame. Well, that, and perhaps just a mental aberration? 

Heroes in my books do not bite each other, nor do they tear other people/animals apart with their fangs. I leave that to aficionados of vampire books, who dedicate their talents to more carnivorous minds. More about Linus Pauling and other wise men in my book below. 

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

In Search of Freedom

There is an easily discernible universal law, which demands of us, as indeed of all nature, to balance the opposites in order to maintain at least a semblance of peace. A wise man once said that God is what the opposites have in common.
Strong medicine that.
The reason why I call my blog Human Potential Series is that I believe that we have reached the evolutionary level of being capable of consciously participating in the maintenance of this state of balance. Even as the centripetal and centrifugal forces maintain the cosmic equilibrium, so we must restore the balance between our primitive bellicose characteristics and inner predisposition of the awareness of unity. Unity is an expression of universal love inherent at some level in every human being.
This has nothing to do with any religion, but everything with what the great Masters of the past have taught.
We are finally coming of age. The days of empires attempting to conquer the world in order to bolster their coffers is over. Our inner Potential will be directed towards sharing different abilities to complement each other, each nation, each race, towards a social equilibrium in which all people can reach their individual Potential.

The title of today’s blog is taken from the subtitle of a book I wrote many years ago, “Marvin Clark—In Search of Freedom”. I feel the book is a ‘literary’ example of how a man and a woman can complement each other. NOT become same, not go after the same job, serve in the same army, or compete in any field of life, but find freedom by complementing each other. While both men and women share many characteristics, many attributes, we both have predispositions necessary to make “two” greater than the sum of its parts. 
       Isn’t it wonderful?
       Ultimately, we are all ONE.

       BTW. I do not expect anyone to buy the book to which I am referring—nor any other of my books. But I do hope that, while retaining relative anonymity for myself, my books will become reasonably well read. It is the only way I can do my share of restoring balance between what used to be called literature and what is now hiding under the title of romance, being for the most part erotica, suspense or wholesale murder stories. I enjoy making love as much as anyone, but I believe it should be practiced, not read about. Nor do I get my kicks from reading about people being murdered, with or without suspense.
      Also, it is my way of complementing the true and the phenomenal reality into the inadvertent yet unavoidable marriage of Being and Becoming. If I am presumptuous, I beg your forgiveness. And if you can prove me wrong regarding my literary assumptions, than you’ll make me the happiest man on earth.
      PS. I’d just given away the first 5000 copies (downloads) of my Key to Immortality. I believe it is still free on 

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Semblance of Truth—Pursuit of Happiness

My family originates from Poland, from that unfortunate location, in Europe, which my forefathers had chosen to abide between Russia and Germany, the two countries not known for their particularly pacifistic convictions. History offers ample evidence that the choice of the location was not wise. It’s like being between the rock and the hard place. Still, my forefathers and subsequent generations, survived.
Nevertheless, there is a reality, obvious to everyone with the exception of the few abiding in Washington DC, which they, the Washingtonians, seem completely unable to understand. There is one country that suffered more under the Soviet occupation than the country of my origin. With exception of senior party members, (as are the senators and members of parliament in the West today), the most oppressed, and oppressed for the longest time, were the Russian people themselves.
And now, after they finally liberated themselves from long history of autocratic Tsars, then the demagogical First Secretaries of the Communist Party, they began the long journey towards individual freedoms.
And Washingtonians, rather then help them, they, in abject fear of economical let alone military competition, impose reputedly ineffective sanctions, which make sense only to people obsessed with greed and the pursuit of more money and/or power.

I am NOT a politician. After all, a politician is a man/women who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you are looking forward to the trip. I don’t believe in hell—except for hell of your own making. Except for hell in which you imagine that the whole world is against you; that you must dominate the world or die; that you have the sole monopoly on truth, even the worldly, dualistic sort of truth.
That, indeed, would be hell.
This is not what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he asserted individual right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. He did not limit this illustrious trio of rights only to the American people. “We, the People,” were to serve as a shining example for whole world to emulate.  Perhaps to reach their own similar aspirations. Not to impose their, by now heavily distorted, ideas on others by military might. Such behaviour is no longer acceptable even in Russia. Perhaps we should help those in Washington, to remember their original dream? And help those in Russia in their pursuits and in the fulfillment of their dreams?
I love the principles on which the American Dream was built. I hope everyone will work to preserve it—even those in Washington.

There is more on the subject in my collection of essays, Beyond Religion III. You’ll find it in Essay #50, Manipulators. You might find other essays interesting, too.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Aquarius Trilogy—Unveiling all Mysteries

So you might wonder what compelled me to write Of Gods and Men. Well, It was a long journey. My studies of comparative religion, ancient myth of many nations, even races, particle physics, and most of all my inner need to make sense of the repeated assurances of Matthew, Mark and Luke that:
There is nothing covered that shall not be revealed and hid, that shall not be known… neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad…*

Hence, for those who call themselves Christians, there can be NO mysteries. What there is in great amplitude is research. I got down to work.
Now you know what most of the Aquarius Trilogy is intended to be about. Not what is the books are about, but what motivated me to write them. In a way, it is an iconoclastic elimination of imagined mysteries. Of course, at the moment, I only have Books One and Two, but as you know from the last blog, Book Three is in the oven.

As you might have gathered from my many blogs, I do not recognize the reality in which we have our becoming as real. I mean, not really real. A reality built up from atoms which, according to the best scientists around consist of almost exclusively empty space (99.9999999999999% of it), can hardly be regarded as real. Hence, whatever I detect with my physical senses I know that it is only a means to an end, and the end is most certainly NOT the perception of truth.
If the various ancient writings were to make any sense, and not be just ravings of a derange mind, or minds, then I set myself up to unravel those supposed mysteries. At least, what various religions, particularly the Christians like to call mysteries. I could either believe the sacerdotal society, which positioned itself between us and the Infinite, or reach out to the original myths and, as best I could, solve them.
Book One and Two of the Aquarius Trilogy attempts to explain some of them. The last book of the trilogy will, hopefully, do the rest. I am not presumptuous enough to offer my own ramblings as theological or scientific dissertations. Au contraire. I offer my findings in the form of three novels, which will serve, I hope, to stimulate your own minds to delve, indeed to dive deep, into the endless ocean of true reality.
As for references, which made me question the ramblings of the learned theologians, you can refer to my essay #15, Mystery, in my Beyond Religion II collection of essays.
Let me know what you think.
*(Matthew 10:26, Mark 4:22, Luke 12:2 and 8:17)

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Of Gods and Men

That is the title of my next novel, Book Three of the Aquarius Trilogy. Wish me luck, because even as I sit here, I have no idea what is going to happen to the characters that populate Book One and Two of the Trilogy. As I am about to embark on the journey of Book Three, I wanted to share with you some thoughts that motivate me to write it. The most I can say that I know, or think I know, where I am going. I know the destination. The place we all want to be—one day.
On my journey, I had a most horrid realization.
It came to me that in our reality, there is no good or evil. That nothing we achieve can be considered as perfect. “Why doest thou call me good?” Remember this question? Luke, the evangelist, had reached the same conclusion. Or had it been Yeshûa? Nothing in this reality can achieve completeness—wholeness, which is the ultimate definition of ‘good’. The most we can hope for is to achieve a reasonably state of equilibrium. Of balance.
Hence my new book.

Yet there is more.
What stands in the way of peaceful serenity of equilibrium is power. Power that we can ALL use for “good or evil”. That’s what makes us gods. We can oppose all dictates of the universe, all the Universal Laws, murder millions of people and have monuments build to our glory.
Look at history.
And, surely, it is not just us, humans, who define our ‘divinity’ with power. Imagine the explosion of a Super Nova. Or even ‘ordinary’ Nova. Sheer, unadulterated, unrestrained, incomprehensible power. Divine power? Surely well above any power we can dream of. And now imagine a Black Hole exploding. Power such as no human mind can think of or imagine. Multiverse is peppered with black holes, all Big Bangs in the making? Can gods be that powerful?
Who causes Novas. Gods or Devils.
Or is divinity what the opposites have in common?

Here, on Earth, everything carries the stigma of duality. Up and down. Left and right. Hot and cold. Good and evil. And what of true reality? Surely, in the upper realms, in the infinite strata of ultimate heavens, there is no good or evil. There is only Oneness maintained by the inevitable attribute of singularity. Oneness is the irrepressible force manifesting in all realities as love. As the force binding us all, forever, into a singularity of Being.
And… becoming.

And now I have to sit down and write the novel in which all this will be made clear. Can I? Will the secrets be revealed to me in the process of writing?
We shall see. At the moment I’m just a little nervous. And yet, each morning, I wake up with new inklings of what my fingers must write.
Perhaps Omar Khayyam had it right. “The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ, moves on…” I’ll just have to wait and see. 

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