Thursday, 29 May 2014

True Freedom

The Question of Equality

We’ve been through all this before. In spite of abounding evidence to the contrary, many people still think that we are all born equal. Nothing can be further from the truth. What is true is that we are all born equipped to overcome our particular and completely particular shortcomings. But this applies only to individuals. Let us remember ‘individual’, in Latin, mean ‘indivisible’. The moment we lose our connection with the Intangible Infinite Potential—some call it God—we can no longer draw on our birthright. We become the rulers or the ruled. The rulers judge others to be inferior to them. Not just in potential, but, well, altogether.

And this is true the world over.
There is only one way to free oneself from being subjugated to the will of dictatorial plutocrats of whatever hue or persuasion. And those masters of manipulation exist with equal abundance in the so-called western “democracies” as they did in eastern “communism” or other dictatorial or semi-dictatorial systems of government. Those who diminish the freedom of any individual who is trying to find his or her true place in the phenomenal reality are guilty of the most vile act that can be committed against the true nature of man. Whether they are the tsars of old Russia, the Roman Emperors, or the modern day presidents, prime-ministers, or their henchmen the senators or members of various parliaments, if they indulge in diminishing the freedom of growth they are guilty of treason against the nature of man.
Against humanity.
The plutocrats of all nations abuse their power in meting out unwarranted justice to maintain their position of power.
We were given a hint it the distant past. “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” Yet this is exactly what is happening, right NOW, in a most countries around the world. Given time, ALL men and women who diminish freedom of their subjects will pay the same price.
On a cheerful note, we are all given a chance to stop—to stop in time. Unfortunately, as we all know—power corrupts. The plutocrats think themselves invincible until they use up their credit. Only then it is already too late. Then Universal justice takes over from Universal benevolence. It seems that, rightly or wrongly, the consequences of Wikileaks have only just began.

Nevertheless, not only men are subject to development known as the evolutionary process. And the sooner we realize it, the sooner we shall extend our generosity to other species. Yes, they too are growing. Many of them are already more advanced than we were some millions of years ago. Let us hope that, in time, they will rise mature to a higher level then we did so far. 

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