Sunday, 22 June 2014

Within and Without

Nothing ever happens on its own. Whatever you see, or smell, or touch, or perceive with any of your senses, must have arrived at the doorstep of your consciousness after it was brought into the phenomenal reality from Within. Within lies the Infinite Potential that, over the infinity of time will become manifest, and we, individual expressions of Omnipresent Consciousness are instruments, one might say indispensible instruments, in this creative process.
It happens at two level of consciousness. The Unconscious offers ideas to a receptive mind. Then we take over. We draw on the experience we have stored in our subconscious and, though conscious manipulation, bring it out into the phenomenal reality.
This is not to be confused with the evolutionary processes, of which there are many. The creative process concerns itself exclusively with bringing the potential into the manifested. Later, the evolutionary process plays with that which already ‘is’. Which is already extant in the phenomenal reality.
Some of this process has been automated. The knowledge has been stored in the subconscious as well as at phenomenal level, over millions of years. Perhaps billions in other galaxies, and conveyed to us through, what became known as the 100th monkey method.
This is how a single sperm puncturing a single egg carries all the information necessary to grow a human being. This is the evolutionary process, but the initially embedded information in the sperm and the egg arrived in the phenomenal reality through the process of creation. Since, the process has become fully automated.
Perhaps, as we develop our ability to listen to our unconscious, we shall partake in the creation of other objects, perhaps even other life forms, which are heretofore absent in the world of our senses. Later we might proceed to greater challenges. We might partake in the creation of planetoids, planets, planetary systems, galaxies, even worlds.
Let us never forget that we are immortal. A few million years may do marvels to our abilities. Indeed, Buddha claimed that most of us are still not even as yet awakened to our true potential, never mind using it.
We are gods in waiting—often waiting a very, very long time.
Aren’t you glad that we are immortal? 

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