Tuesday, 26 June 2012


If you wait long enough and I don’t die in the meantime of old age, or be otherwise terminated by one of my many religiously inclined friends, who are probably convinced that I am an emissary of the devil himself, then TRUTH will be my next book.
The purpose of the book will be not to tell anyone anything they don’t already know. It will only serve to remind us all of the knowledge that resides deep within our subconscious.
Also, it seems only fair that having written DELUSIONS, which questions our perception of reality, I should also try to share with you all what I consider to be real. In fact REAL is an alternate title for the book—if it ever happens. There are so many subjects (an infinite number?) that could be included that, without further ado, I shall tackle some of them right now.
It seems that I have already started. Some of these blogs will serve as the skeleton on which to hung my personal, often very personal, reality.
In my book I shall discuss items that I consider have been distorted from the original sources, on which various religions claim to draw their authority. The same will apply to the scientific theses, which I find ridiculously dogmatic.
My book will owe a great deal to the many scriptures of ancient past, which, in my view, have never been intended to act as basis for forming secular religions—religions based on power, fear, reward and punishment, mind-control, and, most of all—money. Likewise the veracity of scientific research if not related to the amount of public money third-rate scientists spend in their laboratories.
It seems that I only disagree with about 3 to 4 billion people. Of those that remain, perhaps some will share some of my views. If they do, I feel they will be happier for it. For now, I shall continue to impose on your peace of mind until there is no one reading my blogs any more. At the moment, the numbers are growing. Perhaps my effort is worthwhile. You alone will judge.

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