Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Human Potential

Having finished Peter and Paul, my 3rd book in little over a year, I have been told that I am a prolific writer. Perhaps so. Some 30 books since I retired from my architectural practice could give that impression.
The next comment usually is: “What motivates you to write so much, when you could be lying on your back, in Florida, sipping Martinis.”
That’s easy.
My sole motivation to write is sharing a secret with others. I don’t mean in the goody-goody sense. I don’t tell people what to do, nor how to do it.
My whole motivation is to try to open peoples’ minds to the Infinite Potential welling within their consciousness. ALL my books, fiction or non-fiction, will attest to that. That is why I consider “Human Potential” the two most powerful words in the English language. If you read my books, you’ll see why.
Only don’t expect me to preach.  I leave that to others.

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