Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Dark Days, cont. (#26)

Continued research for my next historical novel: Peter and Paul.

Undoubtedly the conditions in which the early followers of Yeshûa lived must have been considerably more barbaric than we are used to today. While Rome was spreading its victorious legions across the Middle East, at local level riffraff must have held their own. Also, the Pharisees and the henchmen of the priests were a constant threat. Under such conditions implementation of Yeshûa’s teaching had to present a virtually impossible challenge.

Chapter ONE (draft, continued)
The Dark Days (excerpt)

You could never be sure, these days. The roads, such as they were, seemed the favorite haunt of the bandits in search of easy money, Shimon murmured. He ought to know.  Hed been beaten up, twice, by total strangers.
Love thy enemies
Again Shimons lips widened in a wistful smile. His thought seemed almost like a joke; a joke that was painful and not at all funny. Yet, Yeshûad insisted.
Im sorry, I though hed already arrived, Shimon replied, another sigh escaping his parched lips. He still had time. Andrew would look after things. Shimon didnt want to treat his brother badly, nor to ignore him. He loved his younger brother. And, after all, it had been Andrew who recognized the Master first. Back then, at the shores of Gennesareth. Before anyone even began to suspect who Yeshûa was.
Ah, yes. Back then, by the Lake. But now it was time for Shimons daily walk. The time he hated but promised himself to do no matter what.

(to be continued)

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